Change: Regress or Progress

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27 June, 2020




Therefore let us leave the elementary teachings about Christ and go on to maturity . . .

Hebrews 6:1a

I challenge the idea that we are advanced. I know the majority of modern educators, newspaper writers, TV personalities, radio reporters, politicians and all the rest do not agree with me.

Nevertheless, I challenge the idea that we are any further advanced than they were in the days of Jesus. If we are so advanced, then I want to ask some questions. Why do we kill thousands of human beings each year with automobiles? Because we ride automobiles instead of donkeys, we are advanced? If we are so advanced in our day, why are the penitentiaries packed full and the mental hospitals crowded? If we are so advanced, why is the whole world a powder keg? If we are so advanced, how is it that we have weapons that can annihilate the world? If we are so advanced, why is it that people cannot walk alone in the parks anymore?

Why is it that workers who get out at midnight never walk home alone anymore? Why is it in this advanced age that drugs, violence, abortion and divorce are soaring? There is a mind-set that thinks every motion is progress. Every time you move you are progressing. Then there is the mind-set that thinks whenever you move in a straight line you are going forward, forgetting that you can move in a straight line and be going backward. The tragedy of the century is that Protestants have accepted this as progress and actually believe it. ...


Has humanness changed over the centuries? Are we who are living today inherently different than those who lived before?


Lord, in another 50 years this modern age will not be so modern. But heart thirst remains constant and finds fulfillment only in You. I want to go on, Lord, on to maturity.