Refusing to be Conformed to the Pattern of This World

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1 April, 2021




Don't let the world around you squeeze into its own mould, but let God re-mould your minds from within . . . (Phillips Translation).

Romans 12:2

Men are impressed with the message of the Church just as far and as long as she is different from themselves.

When she seeks to be like them they no longer respect her.

They believe (and rightly) that she is playing false to herself and to them. The moral jar that results when an indoctrinated son of Adam meets a son of heaven is one of the most wholesome things that can happen to both of them. And contrary to common opinion, men are more inclined to follow the way of Christ when they are compelled to make a radical alteration in their lives than they are when the way is made easy for them.

The human heart senses its need to be changed, and when religion appears offering life without such change, it is not taken seriously by thinking men.

The superficial, the insincere, may embrace such a low-powered brand of religion, but the seeking heart must reject it as false and unreal. All conformity to the world is a negation of our Christian character and a surrender of our heavenly position.


In our efforts to be "seeker friendly" there is the danger of downplaying the radical nature of conversion, the cost to the sinful nature of daily cross-carrying, and separation from this world. For the child of God there is heavenly citizenship. This wo


O God, may You express Your love through me to the people of this world, yet keep me being squeezed into this world's mould.