Surrendering to Truth

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10 January, 2021




Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.

Psalm 86:11

We must be willing to obey if we would know the true inner meaning of the teachings of Christ and the apostles.

I believe this view prevailed in every revival that ever came to the Church during her long history. Indeed a revived Church may be distinguished from a dead one by the attitude of its members toward the truth.

The dead church holds to the shell of truth without surrendering the will to it, while the church that wills to do God’s will is immediately blessed with a visitation of spiritual powers.

Theological facts are like the altar of Elijah on Carmel before the fire came, correct, properly laid out, but altogether cold.

When the heart makes the ultimate surrender, the fire falls and true facts are transmuted into spiritual truth that transforms, enlightens, sanctifies. The church or the individual that is Bible taught without being Spirit taught (and there are many of them) has simply failed to see that truth lies deeper than the theological statement of it.


God does teach us His way. Are we walking in His truth? Unless we do our heart is divided and our faith reduced to intellectual affirmations without full heart commitment.


Show me, Lord, those areas of Your truth to which I have not yet surrendered. I want to walk in Your truth with an undivided heart.