What Are You Thinking?

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14 January, 2021




Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Psalm 139:23

We must think of the surrounding world of people and things against the background of our thoughts of God. The experienced Christian will never think of anything directly; his thoughts go first to God and from God out to His creation. His thoughts, like the angels of Jacob’s ladder, ascend and descend, but ever God stands above them presiding over all. To be heavenly-minded we must think heavenly thoughts. “So let us return to ourselves, brothers, . . . for it is impossible for us to be reconciled and united with God if we do not first return to ourselves . . . striving constantly to keep attention on the kingdom of heaven which is within us.”

So wrote Nicephorus, a father of the Greek Orthodox Church, in the fourteenth century, and nothing since has changed. God must have all our thoughts it we would experience the sanctification of our minds.


What are my thoughts toward God, myself, other people, circumstances and situations? Is my thinking faith-focused or mired in doubt? Do I see other people as God sees them? For many of us, basic changes are needed in our thinking.


Father, purify my thinking. Increase my sensitivity to what I think. Transform my mind. For Christ's sake..